Who Is Roger Childers?

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Built on trust and honesty, Roger Childers strives to achieve excellence in every transaction.

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Roger Childers is a trusted and proficient real estate agent that has been serving clients across Arizona since November of 2001 with a focus in residential properties. His breadth of local real estate knowledge coupled with close attention to detail ensures that his clients receive the best possible service with the least amount of hassle.


When you work with Roger Childers, you get a professional and knowledgeable real estate agent who is dedicated to negotiate on your behalf.


Rest assured that you’ll have a qualified and professional broker by your side throughout the sales process, should you need clarification, or want to discuss any aspect of buying or selling your home.


Roger Childers is highly adaptable and poised to find the most profitable solution for you. His transparent process ensures that you’re informed every step of the way.

I live with the attitude that, “there is a solution for every challenge” –
I look forward to the opportunity of helping you find your perfect home solution.

- Roger Childers

“Roger was amazing! I have bought and sold literally thousands of homes in Arizona. I know a good real estate agent when I work with one. Roger is the best.” - Steve Ray

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Roger Childers

Whether you are buying, selling or leasing property, Roger can make it happen!

Raised in Arizona, I have this State to thank for a great childhood, schooling, friendships, and many other enriching experiences. I entered the world of Real Estate over a decade ago as a customer service manager for a local Custom Home Builder. Within the first year of working in new construction I became very interested in the Real Estate aspect of home building and decided to enter Real Estate School. I obtained my Real Estate License in November of 2001 and shortly thereafter decided I loved it so much that I went full time, with a focus in residential.

Other than my passion of helping people find the perfect solution when buying or selling their home; I also enjoy creating fine art, home repair and remodel, exercising, and spending time with family and friends.

  • (480) 236-7252
  • Roger@RealtyRoger.com