Why Arizona Real Estate

  Well simply put, there is a Demand for Arizona Real Estate (Second fastest growing State in the U.S. in 2008, Forbes.com).  The real question is why that might be…..Well perhaps it’s because:arizona

*  It has always been a favorite for either full time or Winter Visiting Retirees to purchase a primary or secondary residence.   With the Baby Boomers inheriting a bunch of money from their parents I believe a good number of this blessed group will continue to buy homes in Arizona. 

*  It attracts Big employers (due to favorable weather/working conditions as well as affordable commercial real estate) like University of Phoenix, Go Daddy, Honeywell, Intel, and the list goes on….

*  For relatively calm weather conditions and lack of natural disasters (minus very warm summers of course) Arizona has some of the most affordable real estate in the country (minus the Bubble years)

Why do you think Arizona Real Estate is Hot or Not?